“Listening is paramount…listening to our collaborators, and of course while making music together. Working with Pianist / Composer / Songwriter / Arranger + Producer Micah Sheveloff is an inspiring musical conversation, an exploration of possibility. He’s a natural musician, with deep roots and a huge vocabulary. A refined pianist, his framing of a song is exquisite. His harmonic sense is fresh and deep, always supporting the lyric and honoring the melody. Micah has a wonderful sense of what is needed, bringing a recording to realization. His vision is about what the song needs – not imposing a fingerprint on it. Most importantly, he is a great listener, not only in conversation, but while making music. I always enjoy working with Micah, whether in rehearsal, in concert, or in the studio…You will too!”Marc Shulman, Guitarist, New York City


I’ve been playing the piano since I was three, having developed an incurable love affair with music and an eternal curiosity for the art of song. Over these many years, I have crafted a style of playing supportive of melodic movement, featuring subtleties and voices that sew together the nuances and subtleties within each composition—this applies to my own songs or for other artists as a session player.


My love for popular music began first and foremost with classical chorus and then Beatles, Beach Boys, and the ever-present lush harmonies I was hearing in the 70s. Because I was visualizing these vocal parts in the choral scores I was reading, constructing and deconstructing pop harmonies became second nature to me, and has enabled me to create captivating parts perfectly suited to each song.


As a producer, my strengths are song arrangement, instrumentation, and harmonies. I work seamlessly with engineers and musicians to create the proper feel for each track that is truly representative of the artist’s vision.


“His music, with its rich melodies, rolling bar chords, quotable lyrics, and that lived-in marvel of a voice, elevates his material to something more transporting and otherworldly.”  – Chelsea Speer, Pop Shifter


“Micah is a skilled songwriter and arranger who is comfortable and professional in a studio setting. He has proven adept at creating piano parts that perfectly suit both singer/songwriter and pop/rock genres.” –  Greg DiCrosta, Engineer at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT

“Micah is not only a good pianist and songwriter, but also knows how to convey the lyrical message to the listener.” –  Composer and touring Bassist Steve Clarke

“I’ve been making records for over 35 years and when I need a session keyboard/piano player, the first and only person I call is Micah!” Guitarist and songwriter Anthony Nichols, Meliah Rage/Mexican Ape Lord

“It is always a pleasure to work with Micah, he is a true professional all the way around and always beyond prepared! He hears everything and always adds the perfect touch and texture to any song!” – Greg Trabandt, live and session drummer

“Micah is an incredible studio musician – so focused, on point, prepared, and flexible! Making an album can be an intense experience, and Micah brings his incredible musicianship, expertise, talent, and professionalism that allow for a seamless, musical, and productive session!” – Beth Patella, singer/songwriter.

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