Recorded live with Beth Patella on harmonies and Marc Shulman on guitar. The Simplest Things is about nothing more than human interaction—so much is said yet never spoken between people who are close. And those who know me on a cellular level speak to me in my sleep or conversations replay themselves at unsuspecting moments.

I don’t reach the first chorus until 92 seconds into the track (3:08 on the clock including the intro) “I wish we were running, down an endless life, in paradise…” it’s just exactly what I wanted to say…the words fell together and trust me, that’s not always how it plays out. “Soaring there on magical wings, all that we need, the simplest things…” It speaks for itself. Are you caught up chasing what matters or a bunch of shiny toys?

Musically, the song came together like a champ. My favorite twist in the road is how we move from the key of E-flat in the A and B sections spring-boarding off of the 4 (A-flat) into E-major and the vocal carries the note A-flat in the melody from the B section into the chorus (as the major third) sewing it all together. It’s a pop song upside down and sideways…

The Trio: Marc Shulman, Micah and Beth Patella