When I was growing up, I worked as a paperboy on my bicycle delivering The Boston Globe (they were pretty heavy in the canvas bag) and I used the 2-wheeler to get everywhere in any weather. At that time, I pretty much did know every street in town and I remember the feeling of having my whole life in front of me, the glistening elegance and blissful ignorance of my youth. Looking back, I knew far less but I bit into every new day with abandon. When you are a kid, every day is sort of a fantasy like Alice down the rabbit hole…you see an opening and down you Tumble. And I did.

At the time I was listening to a lot of Lyle Lovett. I wanted to tell a story my way and write a track that flirted with Americana (musically) but it also shakes out sounding like me in the end. I think Tumble was one of the first tracks I recorded with guitarist Marc Shulman and his ethereal style fit the tune like a glove. Some of Marc’s guitar work on Tumble wows me to this day, and the grand Coda is basically me just hammering away at a progression I really liked. My instinct is always like “gimmee more!!” And I did.

Marc Shulman