Below are some selected images and videos that have been taken now and over the years. Enjoy!



Micah Sheveloff SONGS FROM THE LEDGE Sapphire in the Sunlight

Micah Sheveloff SONGS FROM THE LEDGE Never Enough

Micah Sheveloff…SONGS FROM THE LEDGE…Euphoria

Micah Sheveloff … SONGS FROM THE LEDGE … Outer Space

Micah Sheveloff Caprice 9C1 Spaces Video 2012

Freefall by Micah Sheveloff

Playing with PJ Pacifico: Ridgefield Playhouse Soundcheck

Favorite Son The Micah Sheveloff Trio

Insane custom car stereo system Digital Architect video

The Voodoo Jets – I Am

1988 Caprice 9C1: The Evolution of the Caprice (Engine)

Baltimore DUET Live from The Bitter End (2013)

The Voodoo Jets – Cartoon

The Voodoo Jets – Smile

The Voodoo Jets – Hotel

The Voodoo Jets – Let it Rain

The Voodoo Jets – Welcome To The Real World

Teaven and Hell Micah Sheveloff duet with Mike Munro

The Voodoo Jets – The Crown

The Voodoo Jets – Decades

The Voodoo Jets – LIVE at Don Hills (FEB 4th, 2005)

The Voodoo Jets – Cry

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